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Tear Drop Bag

Tear Drop Bag

Ideal for working those crafty angles while practicing the art of 8 limbs.  Clinch work knees, elbows, punches and kicks anything you can throw at it.  Give a unique feel with a low center of gravity.  This bag is sized larger than most "Tear Drop" bags on the market, it combines all aspects of a standard "tear drop" bag & "Wrecking Ball" bag into 1 bag.  With added weight it is perfect for all techniques, dig those body shots, blast those knees and slice with the elbows! 
  • Details

    •Durable Synthetic Leather Construction
    •Weighs app. 80 lbs.
    •Includes Heavy Duty Chain
    •Professionally packed
    •35" x 22"

MMA Cage

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