Three decades in martial arts, 16+ years in pro wrestling and 10+ years as a professional MMA fighter, instructor and promoter have taught me well.  When I design my products, I ask myself the exact same questions you ask.


As a fighter, "Is this a product I feel safe in?  Am I proud to be seen fighting in this?"

As an instructor, "Will this ring/cage last me?  Will this ring/cage fulfill the needs of my school?"

As a promoter, "Is this a safe ring/cage?  How long does it take to set up?  Do I have any guarantees?  Will I have support the night of my show if I have questions?  Does this ring/cage look professional and photograph well?"


If I am not happy with the answers, then you as the customer will not be happy with the answers.  Because this is my creed, my products are safe, easy to set up and use, project a professional look and feel, and are supported by a well-educated staff on hand to answer questions.


Rings and Cages started in a one-car garage, without heat or A/C and the roof leaked.  After a year we built our first building.  We outgrew this almost immediately.  A couple of years later, we doubled the size of that building and again, outgrew this almost immediately.  Fast forward another four year and our third building is almost at capacity with projects, equipment & staff.  We look forward to this continued growth through many years to come.


I absolutely love what I do and believe strongly in giving back to the sports that I love.  I look for sponsorships that continously give back to the sports and support the communities they are held in.  I own and a Professional Wrestling organization called All Star Wrestling.  This has been in the Kansas City area since the 1970's.  I purchased the company in June 2011, and took it in an entirely different direction.  We focused on giving back to the communities by only performing benefit shows such as DARE programs, Crimestoppers, Cancer benefits, Boy Scouts, PTO's, and other fundraising activities.


Thanks for letting me brag!

MMA Cage

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