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Single Cage Panel

MMA Cage Panel


Panel measurements are from outside of baseplate to outside of baseplate. These are built with the same steel, fencing, padding and covers used in our competition cages. Our cage panels come complete with posts, fencing, padding, vinyl covers, as well as corner pads. As always, all of our products these come with a welding guarantee.

10' Panel (end to end measurement)

Add Ons - Door(s) - $350 ea

All in 1 design.  Posts are built into the panel itself.
Steel panel frames
Vinyl coated chain link fencing
3/4" rail padding
Vinyl rail covers
Corner pads 72" x 16" x 2" for additional fighter safety
Measurements of panels are 10' from end to end.

Custom size orders are welcome! Please email us for a quote.

Vinyl Color

MMA Cage

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