Floor Mount Ring

Floor Mount Ring

If you need the feel of a competition ring but the budget doesn't allow...  Our floor mount rings are for you! These rings are great for training and sparring.  The come with heavy steel construction and these rings DO bolt directly to your concrete floor.

VINYL floor cover colors: Black, Red, Blue, White
CANVAS floor cover colors: Black, Red, Blue and White
Additional color available, please email for a quote.
  • Details

    Boxing Rings are measured from the edges of the floor. Inside rope dimensions are (-4') to account for posts, turnbuckles, and ropes.
    All floor rings include:
    Heavy steel posts w/ 1/4" pre-drilled base plates and support legs that must drill directly into a concrete floor
    4 Poly Ropes w/ rings and vinyl covers - Black
    48" Corner Cushions - Black
    Turnbuckles w/ pads and covers - Black
    Floor cover (canvas or vinyl)
    Steel outside tie down bars
    1" closed cell foam floor padding

    ADD ON: +1 rope $150

    Pricing Floor Mount Rings:
    12' (3 ropes) - $2,250
    14' (3 ropes) - $2,400
    16' - $2,500
    18' - $2,650
    20' - $2,800
    22' - $3,000
    24' - $3,250

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