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Fight Safe Amateur Fight Gloves

Fight Safe Amateur Fight Gloves

Featuring multi-layered contour knuckle padding and produced with the highest quality leather on the market, you will truly fall in love with this glove.  Following in our super pro fight glove design with added protection in addition padding, weight, and thumb padding.  AC comission approved amateur fight gloves.

Thinking of every aspect of the MMA game, this glove has been designed with a sleek profile to prevent grabbing. This is truly a anatomically correct fitting glove.
  • Details

    •Leather outer shell
    •Layered Padding
    •Thumb padding
    •Dual opening Velcro Closure
    •Neoprene lining keeps glove firmly in place when in contact with gauze and tape (no shifting)
    •Athletic Commission Approved
    •6 oz.

MMA Cage

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