Complete Floor Cage

Complete Floor Cage

Complete Floor cages bolt directly to your concrete floor and come complete with 2" floor padding, corner pads, floor and rail covers. Complete with slot groove assembly and compression locking system for our drop in panels and a welding guarantee. These cages will take anything, or anyone, you throw at them.

VINYL cover colors: Black, Red, Blue, White & Dark Gray
CANVAS cover colors: Black, Red, Blue, White
  • Details

    Predrilled 1/4" baseplates
    **Must sit directly on the concrete floor**
    2x2 steel panel and door frames
    Outside tie down bars that make tying and stretching your vinyl floor cover fast and easy.
    Industrial strength vinyl coated chain link
    2 inch floor padding
    3/4 inch rail padding
    2 inch corner pads w/ Velcro straps
    18 oz vinyl covers for floor, rails and corner pads
    Available in Octagon or Hexagon

    Pricing Octagon or Hexagon:

    14' - $5,500
    16' - $5,750
    18' - $6,000
    20' - $6,500
    22' - $7,000
    24' - $7,500

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