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Competition Ring Economy style: Contact for price

Competition Ring Economy style: Contact for price

eCONOMY SERIES Competition Rings are the same strength & integrity as our Competition Ring. These ship without wood flooring or a ring skirt. Still with our welding guarantee*, this is a great ring for a first time promoter or gym owner!

VINYL floor cover colors: Dark Gray
CANVAS floor cover colors: Royal Blue
Additional color available, please email for a quote.
  • Details

    4 Heavy steel posts
    Support legs
    Reinforced steel framing w/ tie down bars
    Underneath X Cables
    4 cable ropes foam and Velcro on vinyl covers - Black
    48" Corner Cushions - Black
    6" Turnbuckles w/ pads and covers - Black
    Rope Spacers - Black
    2 sets of wooden steps

    ADD ONS:
    $200 Nylon Ring Skirt (Tie-on design)
    $250 Vinyl Ring Skirt (Tie-on design)

MMA Cage

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