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NOW OFFERING REVAMPING FOR RINGS & CAGES regardless of original manufacture.  Want the look and feel of NEW without the pricetag of New?  Framing upgrades, vinyl, flooring, padding, fencing, ropes etc... we can do it for you.  Price depends on what needs to be done.  Ask us today!






If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.  If we don't currently offer it we can usually design it.  If not, we'll forward you to someone that we know that offers it.


There are a lot of companies out there that offer rings, cages, racks, crossfit equipment and everyone builds them differently.  Some use similar concepts (there are only so many different ways to build a ring or a cage), yet use different steel, padding, covers.  All companies design their products around what they think is best for their customers.  We have referred customers to other companies over the years and still do if we don't think we can meet a timeframe they need or if it is a project we just don't care to undertake.  There are a lot of good companies out there doing what we do, some more expensive than others, some less expensive.  Take a look at warranties, shipping etc...  Make your decision to purchase based on what works best for YOU, the customer.  It has gone quite far from worrying about "is this going to fall apart on me"...the good news is, the companies you needed to worry about things breaking, falling apart have gone out of business years ago.  What you'll find on the web within the US in today's market are all good companies putting out good products, we all simply build our products differently.  Find what works best for you and go with it.  When you come to us, our job is to get you what you need and save you the most money we can.  We are almost always less than everyone else as we simply don't have the overhead the larger companies do.  We will beat any legitimate price on a comparable ring or cage and offer a LIFETIME WELDING WARRANTY with every product.


A special thank you to our customers for providing us with the photos for our products once you have them setup in your schools/gyms and events.  It not only helps us show the finished product in use but also helps us send potential fighters/students to you by showing your professional setup.

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